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Awarded BEST IN SHOW at Anime Boston 2010

For several years I had wanted to put together a masquerade skit that involved stage combat and dance, and after seeing Shiva's "Dead Moon Circus" skit at Anime Boston 2009 I decided I wanted to collaborate with her group to make this idea a reality. She and I came up with demo fight scenes to the song "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks, which we used to pitch the combat idea to the rest of the group. Once on board, the group decided to pair the dance with Chrono Crusade, a series we all liked that had detailed, creative costumes worthy of competing in the masquerade but which wouldn't get in the way of us dancing and fighting. Steve thought it would be awesome to build Chrono and Aion's wings so that they could unfolded on cue; I agreed and spent my free time between rehearsals designing and building aluminum frame wings built with a spring/pulley system reverse engineered from a Batman toy. After three months of hard work and lots of effort on everyone's part, our performance at Anime Boston 2010 won us Best In Show!